Vision and Mission - Aspire Indian International School


A visionary, progressive, and value-oriented institution with a focus on character building. Our motto is IGNITED MINDS who strive for excellence.


The vision of the school is to build, develop and nurture an ever-learning and forever evolving realm of students, teachers, and parents where every member believes in the possibility of the progressive development of all faculties.

Each child will be recognized for his/her strengths with ample provision of opportunities to develop as per their choice. We are committed to creating a learning environment free of judgment and conformity.

Our focus is to foster a lifelong love for learning and putting the child on road to independence simultaneously ensuring high levels of motivation.

Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of holistic education, we believe in the integration of intellectual, physical, mental, social, and emotional development of children thereby ensuring our aspirants blossom with a high happiness quotient.


1.Self-awareness (Courage to make mistakes and learn from them)

2.Social awareness and personal responsibility (I am family, society nation)

3.Empathy (understanding that someone else’s sorrow, pain happiness, and success is as meaningful as your own)

4.Passion for excellence (Keep challenging yourself)

5.Kindness (We rise by lifting others)

6.Honesty and ethical practices (If you want to be trusted, be honest)

7.Equality and Equity (Sameness and fairness)

8.Pride in Heritage and Glory in Future

9.Integrity and transparency (practice what you preach)