Principal Message - AIIS Kuwait
Indian school principal message

“Every Child is potentially the light of the world. “

The single most important idea for imparting quality education is instilling life-long learning in students that empowers them to keep abreast in the phenomenally progressive world today.

In order to match the pace, we need to revolutionize education system and shift focus from a system that teaches children a curriculum efficiently to one of making the system more effective by inspiring students to be winners in the 21st century.

I firmly believe in the unique potential of every child. All children possess something invaluable and distinctive. Their innate talent is waiting to be unleashed. My professional goal is to help them find and follow their path passionately and establish in themselves a sense of competence and confidence.

The learning occurs at a furious pace if given good exposure, ample interaction opportunities and engaging experiences. These aspects are built on all round development and a strong foundation of Academics, Sports, Creative Arts and Service. I aim to provide all of these and prepare the students to enter a competitive and interconnected world by building their capacity to collaborate, communicate and take intellectual endeavors for the progress of their community and the world.

My commitment goes beyond curriculum transactions with students. It encompasses co-parenting, philosopher, guide and a friend.

I look forward to enable a culture where all students have an important place in the school carousel. Student’s needs, opinions, thoughts, suggestions and aspirations are given a place at the apex and the eyes are firmly set towards their achievements.

Aiming to achieve new milestones in the field of education.

Geetika Ahuja