Chairman's Message - Aspire Indian International School
Dear Parents,

The entire world is facing an unexpected and unprecedented situation due to the spread of Covid19. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this extraordinary time. We, at ASPIRE, are committed to our students and have been working hard to coordinate and implement a learning program that we hope your wards will find enjoyable and engaging.

We praise the Amir of Kuwait for his kindness and directions for taking effective measures in ensuring the safety of the people of Kuwait, both nationals and expatriates. To control the pandemic, the country chose a heightened response by enforcing social distancing, partial curfew, and lockdowns in certain areas and we are all seeing positive results.

In this situation, our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, and the communities we serve, without compromising on the educational needs. We are doing our part, steadfastly, focused on ensuring education continuity for our students.

To give you a bit more certainty during these difficult times, we along with our dedicated team of teachers have come out with an intensive recapitulation program and lots of activities for our students to keep them productively engaged during this period. You have been receiving worksheets for all the subjects & for all the grades with effect from April 5, 2020.

To further our efforts, we would like to bring to your notice that:
  • We have invested in various platforms for providing FREE E-Learning. MS Teams will be used for online classes and material from leading digital learning apps will also be provided for the benefit of our students.
    These classes will begin as per the following schedule: -
    • For Grade 6 and 7- April 21, 2020
    • UKG till grade 5- April 26,2020
    • LKG will be given a separate learning program
    • We will use the “TRACK MY SCHOOL” Mobile App for this purpose. We will send you the link for the same.
  • We have sourced a lot of free self-learning courses from proven leading institutions worldwide and have provided those links in MS Teams, our students can access with their login ID and learn subjects of their choice.
  • We are also working on providing online community engagement activities for students, such as personality testing, indoor physical fitness, and activities for parents such as seminars on parenting skills, etc.
  • We have also sourced free self-learning professional development courses for our teachers and have given those links in MS Teams which they can use during their free time.

As mentioned, all the activities will be complementary to our students, parents, and our teachers.

Don’t worry about them regressing in an academic backlog. Every single kid is in this boat and they all will be fine. When we are back in the classroom, we will all course correct and meet them where they are. Teachers are experts at this.

What kids need right now is to feel comforted and loved. To feel like it’s all going to be ok. And that might mean that you tear up your perfect schedule and shower love on your kids a bit more. Bake cookies and paint pictures. Play board games and watch movies. Do a science experiment together or find virtual field trips to the zoo. Start a book and read together. Tell them stories Snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing.

The date for reopening of the School will be as per directives from the Ministry of Education, Kuwait and shall be immediately intimated to all concerned. Looking forward to meeting all of you in a healthy, stress-free, and joyful learning environment.

Mr. K O Mathew