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Aspire Indian International School adheres to the CBSE Curriculum and prepares our students by combining a holistic framework that includes built-in activities and exercises promoting cross-curricular education. With this curriculum approach, we ensure that our students get equal exposure to academic, sporting, and extracurricular excellence and nurture them as out-of-the-box thinkers and support them to be ready to face challenges in the real-world environment. The CBSE curriculum adopted at AIIS is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005 that presents opportunities for students to gain education excellence. The curriculum includes the academic content and lessons delivered to students by the school. It covers the grade-wise syllabus, pedagogical programs, and evaluation guidelines.

Best indian school curriculum in kuwait

Our Approach towards Preschool Education

  • To improve the comprehensive development of a child‘s personality by including the teaching of healthy attitudes, life skills, and good values.
  • To lay the ideal foundation for a healthy, productive, and satisfying life in the future by empowering the students to reach her/his maximum potential
  • Physical well-being, health, and motor development
  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Language, communication, and literacy development
  • Promoting mathematical thinking and reasoning, Cognitive development, Environmental awareness, development of scientific temper.
  • To prepare children for smooth transitions from home to schools and from preschool to primary school.

Our Approach towards Primary & Secondary Education

  • Develop each child’s potential to the full.
  • Encourage a love of learning.
  • Help children gain skills that will be useful all their lives.
  • To increase understanding among learners about the good and value in the environment, including classroom, school, home, and community through an integrated play-based learning approach.
  • To make children express their ideas and emotions freely about different aspects of life.
  • To improve all the senses of children through observation, exploration, and expression.