Joys of giving week

Aspire Indian International School celebrates the Joy of Giving Week where the students earned an opportunity to reach out to underprivileged people with their belongings and act of kindness. We aim to spread joy and happiness among the people who need support and to reflect the spirit of empathy and generosity of the students. We believe it will help the children to learn and celebrate the joy of sharing.

Do it yourself-week

As the children grew, it is important to impart them with moral value and responsibility to do the work on their own. Aspire Indian International School organized ‘Do it yourself week’ activities which can challenge the students to ‘Learn through doing’. We motivate our students to do their daily activities which enhance their engagement and creative skills.

In the kitchen week

Children who are involved in cooking activities can help to develop confidence and essential life skills. Aspire Indian International School conducts ‘In the kitchen week’ for our students where they are inspired to take part in kitchen activities which will instil concentration and leadership quality. With these indulging activities, the kids will learn the importance of time management and a sense of accomplishment.

Eye care workshop

Good vision health is critical for a child’s sound education and a bright future. Aspire Indian International School integrated eye care workshop to check and prevent eye diseases and vision impairments among children. Our ultimate goal is to help the children to overcome their vision problems and achieve their potential.

Oral care workshop

Oral health in kids has a huge impact on their overall well-being, quality of life, and interpersonal relations. Oral Care Workshop was coordinated by Aspire Indian International School to inculcate healthy oral habits in children which they can practice throughout their life. The workshop was included with oral hygiene demonstrations and oral health check-ups to lay the foundation for good oral health in their future.

Pixel Art Training

Aspire Indian International School offers Pixel Art training to the students which makes them improve their innovative creative solutions to meet very specific needs. Children who are exposed to the arts acquire a special ability to learn much better in all disciplines and think creatively, discover, and create intellectual ideas.

Recitation competition in French

Incorporating the idea of recitation competition will help the children to develop their literacy skills and vocabulary. Aspire Indian International School conducts a Recitation competition in French for students which inspired them to come forward and recite with self-confidence. This activity will encompass the development of speech, expression of feelings, and stage confidence in students.

Leaf Art

Children who participate in art activities tend to develop fine motor skills and learn to work independently. AIIS organizes leaf art activities for the students to prompt their creative skills and broaden their understanding level. This nature art experience enables young minds to explore their surroundings and to learn even more.


Aspire Indian International School celebrated ‘Ingenium -2021’ – A Virtual Literacy Festival to inspire young minds about the significance of literacy. We had an in-depth discussion on learning, literacy and challenges to exponentially uplift the education among the students. The event set a new standard for our students and enhanced them to witness the potential to continue learning, growing to the next level of life.