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Aspire Indian International School
Under the aegis of

Delhi World Foundation

CBSE Curriculum
Our Approach towards Preschool Education

  • To enhance the all-round development of a child ‘s personality and inclusion of healthy attitudes, life skills and good values.
  • To lay the foundation for a healthy, productive, and satisfying life in the future by enabling the children to develop her/his maximum potential through,
  • Physical well-being, health, and motor development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Language, communication and literacy development
  • Cognitive development, environmental awareness, development of scientific temper and developing mathematical thinking and reasoning.
  • To prepare child for smooth transitions from home to schools and from preschool to primary school.

Our Approach towards Primary & Secondary Education

  • Develop each child’s potential to the full
  • Encourage a love of learning
  • Help children develop skills they will use all their lives
  • To make the learners conscious about the good and beauty in environment, including classroom, school, home and community through an integrated learning approach, which they enjoy
  • To make children express freely their ideas and emotions about different aspects of life
  • To develop all the senses of children through observation, exploration and expression