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Aspire Indian International School
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Delhi World Foundation

Unique Offerings

At preschool, we understand how important it for our little ones to learn from the world around them, playing with other children, learning to communicate their needs respectfully and being good listeners. We combine best practice by teaching curriculum and through play-based learning for the overall physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of our pre-schoolers. The fact that we concentrate on developing the child prepares our students to not only meet the immediate challenges of primary education but also instils a fervour for life-long learning. The main subjects that we teach include English, Maths, Environmental Studies, Rhymes and Stories and Art. We use a method of curriculum delivery that has been designed for Preschool I and II which involves three major learning outcomes: to develop each student’s personality by nurturing a healthy attitude, proper life skills and good values; to lay the foundation for a satisfying and healthy future by enabling potential; and preparing students for a smooth transition from life at home to school and from preschool to primary school.

At primary school, our students transition from preschool as junior infants all the way through to Class VI. Our curriculum is designed to reach the full potential of our students, encourage a love of learning, build emotional intelligence and lifelong skills. The main subjects that we teach include but are not limited to: Language; Mathematics; Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE): History, Geography and Science; Arts Education: Visual Arts, Music and Drama; Physical Education; Social, Personal and Health education (SPHE) and Religious or Ethical Education.

We are proud to offer smaller and limited class sizes than most other Indian schools in Kuwait and around the world. A smaller student to teacher ratio allows our highly experienced and qualified academic staff to attend to their students in a timely manner and address any doubts. We are pleased to introduce leading educational and sporting facilities through interactive whiteboards for eLearning in all classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, our library that is well-equipped with study areas and computers for desk research, a swimming pool, gym and multiple play areas both indoor and outdoor. We are excited to offer our students special classes as extracurricular activities after school such as dance, cooking and karate to name a few.