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Aspire Indian International School
Under the aegis of

Delhi World Foundation

Campus and Facilities
Aspire Indian International School has been designed as a smart campus to enable transformative learning experiences for students. At KG and primary, we understand how important it is for our young students to learn from the world around them, playing with other children, learning to communicate their needs respectfully and being good listeners. We adopt best practices through play-based learning for the overall physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of our pre-schoolers. We place emphasis on developing the child where students learn to meet the immediate challenges of primary education and instil a fervour for life-long learning. We use a method of curriculum delivery that is designed to prepare our students for a smooth transition from life at home to school and from primary to secondary school and beyond.

We provide our students with bus transport to and from school via these routes: Abbassiya; Farwaniyah, Riggae and Khaitan; Salmiya; Abuhalifa, Fahaheel & Mangaf. Our buses are air-conditioned and well maintained. Buses are fitted with location tracking devices and parents will be able to use our transport mobile app to track their child’s pick-ups and drop-offs. Each bus will be accompanied by chaperones.


Our comfortably large campus allows us to offer our students numerous sports during physical education (PE) time during the school day and sport teams for serious athletes. Our students will be offered football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, athletics, table tennis, swimming pool and gym.

Students are highly encouraged to take part in physical activity for at least one hour daily. We like to make sure that our students stay physically and mentally healthy throughout their study at our school and part of being healthy is expending energy, having a positive mind set toward sport, participating in healthy competition and being fit.